Na segunda metade dessa década surgiram evidências de que a carência sub- clínica da vitamina A, sem sinais como xeroftalmia, mancha de Bitot e. Termos de indexação: hipovitaminose A, xeroftalmia, retinol sérico, ingestão . dos casos), espessamento conjuntival (81,1% dos casos) e mancha de Bitot (em . Las tres formas activas de la vitamina A en el cuerpo son el retinol, retinal, y ácido .. (comisura del ojo), manifestada por la presencia de manchas de Bitot.

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Vitamina A

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biott In the second half of the s, epidemiological studies suggested that, on a population level, subclinical vitamin A deficiency could also have a negative effect on metabolic functions, with a great impact on childhood morbidity and mortality. Marginal vitamin A deficiency has been reported in all the regions of Brazil for which there are data available, with high prevalences in various age groups.

This situation is inexcusable, given the health care technology and resources that are now available. There must be a commitment to reducing vitamin A deficiency in order to ensure the adequate development of future generations. ReadCube Visualizar o texto. mahcha

Similares no Google Citados no Google Scholar. Vitamin A deficiency is considered one of the most important of the easily preventable public health problems in a number of countries, including Brazil.