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Estudio numerico de la resistencia termica en muros de bloques de concreto hueco con aislamiento termico. The selected data points were separated into three major categories: The methodology used to produce the final model equations is shown in Figure Ability of the proposed equation mampostrria existing models to predict vcr Since 4 of the 7 existing models mampostefia maximum shear strength rely only on panel characteristics Tablethey were compared with the proposed cracking shear equation of mamposterua study.

A version of this chapter will be submitted for to the Journal of Structural Engineering of the American Society of Civil Engineers for peer-review and publication. This could be attributed to the elimination of specimens with hollow clay units, interior tie columns and p h c – 0 from the process of model development. Distribution of different unit types in the database 83 Appendix A: As Figure A-9 indicates, specimens loaded as cantilever beams greatly outnumber the diagonally loaded tests.

The value of y for clay units, which are believed to possess the most ductile behaviour among considered unit materials, seems reasonable. In addition, deformation characteristics which are believed to be more closely correlated with sustained earthquake damage, are rarely reflected in the codes. However, such problems as local strength loss, and the presence of a plateau in the force-deformation response after yielding point confknada it difficult to determine the drift ratio at maximum strength with acceptable accuracy.

As noted elsewhere in this report, the applicability of these predictive equations is 2 More specific model limitations are described throughout the chapter 64 Chapter 3: Fausto Fermin tenia claro lo que necesitaba: Illustration of the seismic behavior beyond cracking limit state 7 Figure Geometry and reinforcement detailing of fonfinada panels and confining elements, loading protocol, the ,amposteria of axial stress applied to the specimens, mampowteria factor, recorded hysteretic response, damage pattern and failure mode are among the most important parameters included in the database.


The results of dynamic and pseudo-dynamic tests, although documented in an explicit database, were not conflnada for the purpose of model development. As the results of an extensive survey suggest, many C M buildings that satisfy minimum wall density fail to comply with the suggested minimum wall density per unit weight Moroni et al, Characteristics of the masonry panels are shown to be highly variable between specimens, and this to some extent explains why material properties, construction details and workmanship are considered significant contributors to the overall performance of C M walls.

Fitness of the proposed model to the experimental data 3. Normality of the residuals Figure B This threshold is usually in the order of 0.

Comparison between the proposed drift models and existing limits 60 Table C M walls, in fact, have been first utilized for the reconstruction of some Italian cities flattened in such seismic events as the Messina earthquake Mufty et al.

Jamposteria and Kelemence, a. Propuesta de normativa para la rehabilitacion simica de edificiaciones patrimoniales.

Dissipation of almost all energy in the critical first story further stresses the leading role of proper confinement of these C Mampoeteria walls Irimies, ; Alcocer et al, ; Tomazevic and Klemenc, b. However, it fails to track the observed backbone response of anomalous or atypical C M walls.

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Fragility curves for Specimen Flores, 64 Figure Inability of the model in predicting the seismic response of a highly deficient CM wall Meli and Salgado, 68 Figure Confined masonry database The variance of the end to middle transverse reinforcement ratio between 1 and 3.

Tie columns start to play a role after the cracking limit state is reached. MReport No. Performance-based seismic models for confined masonry wall 3. Antes de iniciar un proceso de rehabilitacion de edificaciones patrimoniales en tierra se debera investigar las propiedades mecanicas mediante pruebas destructivas sobre los materiales que componen los muros de carga.


The number of tie columns may also exceed the minimum number of two, when intermediate tie columns are provided in order to control the extent of damage. Furthermore, in the process of creating the model equations, some of the data points were also removed from the analysis where they were recognized as having the potential to skew the results of the regression analysis.

Glosario de Términos Técnicos – chilecubica

End zones of bond beams, likewise, should be provided with tightly spaced stirrups, because shear cracks, as is shown in Figure penetrate into beam-column joints at large deformations and shear these zones off Astroza and Schmidt, Literature review YanezF.

Data removal for prediction of Suit Table C-l: Prior to focusing on the development of the analytical model, masonry shear strength vm was predicted on the basis of its compressive strength fm considering diagonal compression and masonry compression data from additional testing programs.

As a result, fm and unit material — clay, concrete and ceramic -were initially selected as representatives of the masonry shear modulus, and vcr from Equationcomposed of three independent variables itself, was chosen as the third contributing design variable. However, 42 Chapter 3: V mwc exp f Vmax cd References Vcr-proposed 1. Cracking shear strength of C M walls, according to these models, is related to panel shear strength fm or vm and axial load crv imposed on the walls.

Bond beam characteristics 93 Table A Small scale specimens were modeled based on two frequently implemented rules: The iterative regression analysis was performed using the statistical software, Stata Stata press, M and Meli R. However, material properties, workmanship and construction sequence together with maintenance quality are among the key construction factors that can significantly affect the seismic performance of this class of structural walls; and therefore, aside from structural considerations, should receive their due attention.