Obtain product support for Panasonic KX-TGB GHz FHSS GigaRange Dual-Handset Cordless Phone System with Digital Answering System and. Operating Instructions. Model No. KX-TG Pulse-or-tone dialing capability. The unit is Caller ID compatible. To display the caller’s name. User manual for the device Panasonic KX-TG Online user manual database.

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Press [C] or [s]. To replace the battery: Key Tone Special Features Handset Key Tone You can select whether or not the handset keys will sound tones key tone, confirmation tone, error tone.

Panasonic KX-TG2357 Operating Instructions Manual

An instruction’s purpose is to teach, to ease the start-up and an item’s use or performance of certain activities. Handset Press [C] or [s]. Phone Book Phone Book The handset can store up to 50 names and phone numbers in its phone book.

Why one should read the manuals? Phone Book The handset can store up to 50 names and phone numbers in its phone book. Location of Controls 8 Handset sof t keys T wo soft keys are used to select functions displayed dir[ You cannot replace a handset by buying another one same model, of course kx-tg2537 register it with the base.


Panasonic KX-TG user manual – – Solve your problem

Location Of Controls Charge the battery for 6 hours before initial use p. Answering System Automatic Answering Operation If the ringer volume has been turned off, the handset will not ring p. Posted on Oct 10, Be the first to answer.

Conference Calls Conference Calls While you are talking with an outside caller, the base unit user or a handset user can join the conversation and establish a conference call.

Are you a Panasonic Lands Phone Expert?

Panasonic KX-TG2357 Manual De Usuario

Hope this helps Doug. Display message Recharge battery Charge for 6h No link to base. Put back in reverse order.

Connect the AC adaptor. Phone Book To kx–tg2357 all of the items in your phone book to another handset Make sure the destination handset is not in use. To scroll down, press [ ]. I have noticed that if the phones are charged on the wrong stations they seemed to get confused for some reason. Using The Base Unit Erasing All Messages Name and phone number are alternately displayed as shown on the right. Caller Id Number Auto Edit Incoming Call Tone Panasonic operating instructions cordless telephone kx-tg 84 pages.


Important Safety Instructions If the Following Appear on Y our Display The unit will not record any incoming messages. Intercom Intercom calls can be made between the handset and the base unit, and between two handsets. Press the tabs in the direction of the arrows 1then remove the wall mounting adaptor 2.

Inst allation 10 Inst alling the Batter y in the Handset Insert the battery 1and press it dow[ Programming Guidelines This unit has several programmable functions which can be selected from the function menu on the display p. During playback, the unit will announce the day and time when each message was recorded p.

Special Features T elephone System For assistance, please call: Posted on Sep 17, Be the first to answer. Direct Commands 70 During programming: Editing The Caller’s Phone Number Making Calls To dial after confirming the entered number Enter a phone number.

The facto ry preset is? You cannot operate the Answering System from the base unit or the handset.