I am drawing inspiration from the Kill Bargle adventure in dungeon but find it a bit disappointing. It is too many kobolds and not enough mad. The first is Bargle himself: why did he kill Aleena, and why’s he sitting in a dungeon waiting to be killed? The second was Venthavaxus: what’s. The Gold Dragon Inn is a fairly typical inn, in the usually quiet town of Stronghold. Yet it’s oddly quiet, today. Ordinarily, the tavern should be.

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After all, the first session would determine a lot about the game, so you want to save the Fronts for later. Arcane EnemyImpulse: The place fell into ruin, reportedly haunted by monsters and whatnot. Gygar was a wizard who concentrated on the fusion of magic and clockwork technology. Bargle figures out how to command some of the constructs, and the kobolds help him reactivate some of the old mechanical traps.

Anything constructy that shows up in the adventure will — via description — be old, rusty, and generally clockwork in nature.


Dungeon World: Adventure Conversion for Kill Bargle!

Any mechanical traps — bargl which there are a couple in the adventure, like crushing pistons, and whirling, bladed statues — will have similar form and function. That naturally led me to create a list of stuff Bargle might collect in order to kill out his goal, which in turn might provide fodder for first session adventure ideas:.

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Dungeon World: Adventure Conversion for Kill Bargle! – neuronphaser

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D&D Kill Bargle!

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