Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (published as Jyhad in the first or “Limited” multi -player (3+) rules, a lack of “land cards”, and a more rapid card drawing As in most other collectible card games, each player designs his or her own deck. OBJECT OF THE GAME Your goal is to destroy the influence held by rival . The Golden Rule for Cards Whenever the cards contradict the rules, the cards take This term appears in the limited edition base set (called Jyhad(TM)), but was . Although the card game was designed and published by Wizards of the Coast, this A summary of revised Jyhad rules circa , plus a lexicon of game and.

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Clan kholo titles can only be held by a vampire of the appropriate clan, and each is unique to that clan see “Contested Titles,” sec. He cannot heal this damage, so he is wounded and goes to torpor with 1 blood. Likewise, if a vampire changes sects, his clan doesn’t automatically change.

Searching can result in not finding the card. To target a retainer with a ranged strike, the striking minion must announce his intended target when the strike is announced.

Ira then uses his hands one more time, and Kurt can’t use a strike because he had only one additional strike.

Aggravated damage done to a wounded vampire can burn the vampire outright. Most of the activity in the game occurs in the minion phases.

A master phase action represents your personal activity during the turn as a Methuselah. The player to a Methuselah’s right. Once cast, a vote or jghad ballot cannot be changed. Baron gamw a title that can only be held by an anarch. An imbued may not have two copies of the same power. Note that not all strikes are aggressive. A minion can play an action card to take an action other than the default actions like “hunt”.


An uncontrolled vampire see Play Area, sec. The Dreaming Kindred of the East Hunter: An equipment card is brought into play with an equip action, a gae with the employ retainer action, and an ally with the recruit ally action.

Some cards and effects allow a minion to make additional strikes during the current round of combat. A minion cannot bring two equipment cards into play in a single action, for example. A Discipline symbol within a diamond signifies that the vampire has an additional level of that Discipline, the superior level, and therefore may opt to use either the basic plain text or the superior bold effect listed on the cxrd but not both.

It takes one action for each card. At the end of the game, the winner is the player with the most victory points, even if she has been ousted.

If both regular damage and aggravated damage are successfully inflicted on a vampire at the same time, the regular damage is handled first.

A Beginner’s Guide to Playing Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (Jyhad)

If one block attempt fails, another can be made. If all other cards contesting your unique card are yielded, then the card is unlocked and turned face up during your next unlock phase, ending the contest.

February 3, [12]. If a player is ousted at the same time that her prey is ousted, the player gets the victory point but does not gain 6 pool. If the anarch changes sect, then he is no longer anarch. Each player attempts to ‘oust’ remove from game his ‘prey’ the player to his left while defending himself from his ‘predator the player to his right. The remaining blood counters are placed in the blood bank — a common reserve of counters placed so that all players can reach it.

If the action is unsuccessful, the card is burned. The name given to a place where the elders meet. Alexis is bled for 2 pool. If the action is successful, the victim is diablerized see below. If one attempt to block fails, another can be made as often as the blocking Methuselah wishes. Ousting one’s prey is worth one victory point, and being the last person left at the table is worth an additional victory point. Group play with more than six players is rare, as an individual’s turn can easily take two to three minutes, causing a slow game for all.


Each player’s turn is composed of the following five phases, in order:. Any card required for the action is played face up at this time. A minion cannot perform each action via the same card in play including from the minion’s own card text more than once each turn, even if he unlocks.

VAMPIRE: The Eternal Struggle Complete Rules

The third major sect is the Laibon, which is composed of just four clans: October 5, [13]. Instead of paying the cost to contest the title, the vampire may choose to yield the title or may be forced to yield, if he has no blood to pay. Games can take anything from half an hour to three or more hours for a 5-player game. These clans’ icons all have the Sabbat wax seal underneath. The “leader” of the Sabbat, insofar as the sect recognizes one. Details for these types rulex be jyhax on the web site.

A vampire without a circle designation is his own circle. Terms and Components of the Game.

Each Methuselah normally receives four transfers at the start of her influence phase. Like mortal society, Kindred society has its own laws, creeds and customs. A measure of how well a minion evades other minions’ attempts to block his action. The minion performing the current action. Each pair of strikes one from each of the minions is resolved before going on to the next pair. A group of Kindred arguably united under a common philosophy.