In other words, a joseki is fair to both players. A player should of course prefer a variation that gives a favorable result, but be satisfied with joseki in the context of . Josekipedia strives to be the most complete joseki resource on the planet, in a joseki, and you later turn to a joseki dictionary to see what that move means. Kogo’s Joseki Dictionary was last updated: Wednesday, February 25, Kogo’s Joseki Dictionary (KJD) is the world’s most extensive software joseki.

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Josekipedia Info

For example, a contributor might label a position as ‘Good for white’, selecting this label from a menu. Pro Games Showing pro games that involve the given sequence is a great feature. The curator since is Alexander Dinerchtein.

I don’t know who runs that one, but if they are reading this, much kudos! Where can I find a good Joseki database? Sign up using Facebook. But I don’t know how complete or accurate it is. When you start having a proper shape intuition, you’ll be able to learn josekis much faster. Thank you all for the didtionary.

Josekis continually evolve, and without a dictionary that evolves, you can never completely trust your source. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Dictkonary, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.



Crowdsourced Crowdsourced means that the content comes from a large body of people, and any competent people can contribute. Is there a sgf-viewer that can handle such a large file or has anybody chopped it down to a collection of smaller files?

Being able to discuss koseki move is an important feature for a joseki dictionary.

joeeki There are a few tools like a joseki quiz rarely found jseki else. While it is nice to see all intermediate stages, it does take an awful lot of screen space to present josekis like this. I understand that John Power et. Part 1 – 4,3 komoku Part 2 – 5,3 mokuhazushi Part 3 – 5,4 taka-mokuhazushi Part 4 – 4,4 hoshi Part 5 – 3,3 san-san Part 6 – 4,4 hoshi miscellaneous. Submit a game for review Want help? Sourced Unlike a life and death problem where you can prove that white is dead, there’s no way to prove a move is joseki.

If you really can’t figure out whether the sequence given is even or good for white or for black, you should improve in other areas first. Crowdsourced means that the content comes from a large body of people, and any competent people can contribute. I would really like something with the functionality of joseki.

Sensei’s Library sure has a lot of content sequences, variations, discussions and yes, even mistakes about joseki, but neither is nor tries at all to be a joseki dictionary in the proper sense.


Explanations can accompany each position in Josekipedia — text that talks about the variation. Further, those databases contain tons of information from elsewhere. The queries are performed by the batch version of the Go database and search engine GoBase.

Reductions and invasions are covered, but finding the right sequence of stones to play to get to them is hard. The dictionary will enable you to perform joseki established sequences usually situated in the corner of the Go board searches in thousands of online professional Go games.

Has anybody figured out a way to put this on a Palm I have a T5? You are playing a game, your opponent plays dictionaary unexpected move in a joseki, and you later turn to a joseki dictionary to see what that move means. Josekipedia was designed and created by Adam Miller, who may be reached at adum adum.

Features Unlimited Joseki Database Josekipedia can store an unlimited amount of joseki information. Thanks to Justin Kramer for creating the superb Eidogo.