1 Position of the IMO SMCP in maritime practice. The IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCP) has been compiled: to assist in the greater safety. The Standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCP) is a set of key phrases in the English The SMCP were adopted by the 22nd Assembly of the IMO in November in a resolution which also promoted the wide circulation of the SMCP. Download the IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases AUDIO. IMO’s Standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCP) were adopted by the 22nd.

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This product is no longer available, but good news the updated version can be found here: My last port of call was Replace the liferaft in the next port. Occupational safety equipment is complete and available. Watertight door s in The water pipe s in Uncharted rocks in position No, you cannot connect the loading arm yet. Pressure in the water pipe s in ETA at distress position within No, vessel not refloated yet. No, you need not take a pilot.

Vessel in distress in position However, Part A in particular should be an indispensable part of any curriculum which is designed to meet the corresponding requirements of the STCW Convention as revised.


IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCP)

Zoeken op tekst Zoeken. Bilge pump s switched over.

Bij klikken wordt een externe website met een relatieoverzicht geopend op overheid. The inflation cord of no. Skip to main content.

No, the cargo list is not available and complete yet. Yes, shore based radar assistance is available.

The Nautical Institute

Yes, bob-cats are available for trimming. The hold ventilators are operational. Please listen carefully to the safety instructions which follow. We must restow containers from The Container lashings are damaged.

Standard Marine Communication Phrases

smc It includes phrases for use in routine situations such as berthing as well as standard phrases and responses for use in emergency situations. Yes, fenders are on the berth. The radar antanna is on The tug s will meet you in position I ask you kindly to remain calm. Secure the inflation cord.

No person will stay on board.

Fire hoses run out. Code of Safe Working Practices The resolution adopts the Standard Marine Communication Phrases SMCP and recommends a wide circulation to all prospective users and all maritime education authorities.

Yes, the radar has blind sectors from No, I do not carry any dangerous goods.

B4 ” Passenger Care ” 2. Outfit of the passengers at assembly station No, I am not ready for the helicopter yet. MV Noname will overtake to the west of you.


Under the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers STCW, as amended, the ability to understand and use the SMCP is required for the certification of officers in charge of a navigational watch on ships of gross tonnage or above.

Permanente link Permanente link The lifeboat equipment is not complete.

No, damage control material not available yet. Amcp products To be determined Shipping. Fire rockets for identification. As soon as I have further information I will make another announcement. Access to the assembly stations will be via Yes, the equipment for cargo care is operational.

The helmsman should report immediately if the vessel does not answer the wheel. The route to the assembly station is I will stay in position No, i,o depth of water is not sufficient in position The use of this message marker is logically restricted to messages announcing navigational actions by the vessel sending this message.