Displaced intracapsular femoral neck fractures in the elderly have a high risk of failed fixation, non-union, and avascular necrosis. For appropriately selected. % associated with femoral neck fractures; treat femoral neck first nondisplaced transcervical fx; Garden I or II in the physiologically elderly. Aka: Femoral Neck Fracture, Intracapsular Hip Fracture, Subcapital Femur Fracture, Transcervical . Spanish, Otras fracturas transcervicales del fémur, cerradas.

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Orient this anatomically, perpendicular to the plane of the bony acetabulum. The complications of displaced intracapsular fractures of the hip: What is the most prevalent complication after this injury?

Clinic in Geriatrics Medicine. There is not enough evidence to ascertain what are the best strategies to promote walking after hip fracture surgery.

Archived from the original on 6 September Pain in right groin and unable to straight leg raise. Lisfranc Jones March Calcaneal. Too short a femoral neck can result in insufficient muscle tension, which may increase the risk of a postoperative dislocation of the prosthesis, or hip abductor weakness. It usually clears completely, but the disorienting experience of pain, immobility, loss of independence, moving to a strange place, surgery, and drugs combine to cause delirium or accentuate pre-existing dementia.

According transcedvical the criteria of Kyle et al. For hemiarthroplasty, the acetabular labrum should be preserved, as it improves stability. However, management of these fractures is a continuing challenge because of difficulty in achieving stable fixation with conventional metal implants.

Using an angle guide, a threaded guide pin was inserted at the subcapital level of the femoral head.

Only young patients tend to consider having it removed; the implant may function as a stress riserincreasing the risk of a break if another accident occurs. Therefore, during surgery we inserted a second pin superior to the main guide pin. Closed reduction may not be satisfactory and open reduction then becomes necessary.


Basicervical fracture—a rare type of hip fracture. Avoid excessive anterior rotation anteversionand especially posterior rotation retroversionas the latter predisposes to dislocation of the prosthetic hip.

The Study of Osteoporotic Fractures”.

Femoral Neck Fracture

Biomechanical comparison of internal fixation techniques for the treatment of unstable basicervical femoral neck fractures.

The two major types are hemiarthroplasty replacement of the femoral head and neck or total hip tranzcervical, in which both the proximal femur and the acetabular surface are replaced. The canal can be shaped ds that the prosthetic stem fits snugly, but without great stability press-fit. Search other sites for ‘Femoral Neck Fracture’. Joseph Schatzker, Peter Trafton Authors: Stability can be increased by using a smaller stem than the canal and anchoring it with methyl-methacrylate cement.

If operative treatment is refused or the risks of surgery are considered to be too high the main emphasis of treatment is on pain relief. Initial post-operative radiographs, and radiographs taken 3 months post-op revealed anatomic reduction of the fracture transcervjcal no shortening.

We have confronted specific technical difficulties when dealing with certain types of trochanteric fractures, the same as those with basicervical fracture. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Total hip replacement Introduction.

Views Read Edit View history. Open in a separate window. Retrieved 23 April Contact Disclaimer AO Foundation. This provided temporary rotational stability fractur the fracture and prevented spinning of the head—neck fragment during reaming or screw insertion.


Thomas Pope, Hans L. Urinary tract infection UTI can occur. She subsequently undergoes revision fixation but during this procedure, the femoral neck fracture displaces and becomes comminuted. Fractures of the short, constricted portion of the thigh bone between the femur head and the transcerivcal. Arch Orthop Trauma Surg. The proper AP and lateral radiograph was sufficient for detection of the relation between the head—neck fragment and trochanters [ 22 ].

Hip joint motion was measured using a goniometer and compared to the healthy side. Therefore, placement of the DRS is deemed necessary [ 7181925 ]. The right femur shows basicervical fracture equivalent to the AO type B2. Nevertheless, the stress of the injury, and a likely surgery, increases the risk of medical illness including heart attackstrokeand chest infection.

Nevertheless, the lag screw has potential to rotate the rotationally unstable femoral head during its insertion [ 1425 ], a factor fractuta may increase the incidence of aseptic necrosis and non-union [ 23 ].

Journal List Int Orthop v. A postoperative radiograph is shown in Figure B.

AO C1 – C3. HPI – 90F, fall from standing height after slipping walking in her own house.

Femoral Neck Fractures

Use a trial head and neck component to confirm range of motion and stability. The cup should fill as much of the available space in the acetabulum as possible, extending only a little beyond the bone. The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 3: