Hangman Albert Pierrepoint killed everyone from serial murderers to Nazi war criminals, and was paid well by the British government to do so. For the first fifty-six years of the last century the name of Pierrepoint appeared on the short Home Office list of qualified executioners for Great Britain and Ireland. The autobiography of Albert Pierrepoint, a Yorkshireman who for twentyfive years served as the public executioner in both the UK and Ireland. Pierrepoint comes.

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In a radio interview with the BBC, he stated that he believed crime in Britain had increased since outlawing executions and that his country may need to bring back capital punishment in order to solve the problem. An piierrepoint of how different society was in the 1st half of the 20th century. All this attention isn’t right.

I wanted to run my own business so that I should be under no obligation when I took time off. A weird, emotionally-repressed one with extremely long sentences.

Share this Rating Title: In March Pierrepoint hanged Timothy Evansa year-old man who had the vocabulary of a year-old and the mental age of a ten-year-old.

Want to Read saving…. Pierrepoint’s autobiography does not give any reasons for his resignation—he states that the Prison Commissioners asked him to keep the details private.

The acting is excellent in all quarters, particularly Juliet Stevenson, though Spall leads by a length. One hell of a job this man had!! AJ Curtis rated it really liked it Oct 26, Christie was later charged with the murders of seven women and hanged in All listings for this product Buy it now Buy it now. The metal eye through which the rope was looped was placed under the left jawbone which, when the prisoner dropped, forced the head back and broke the spine. Governor of Strangeways Clive Brunt Too long a rope and the longer fall can end with such force that the prisoner is decapitated.


This is a very factual sensitive book which shows that the author is at pains to avoid any sensationalism. Albert Pierrepoint became an executioner inat the age of 27, and resigned his office as Official Executioner in He undertook four double executions of prisoners, with his trainees acting as assistants.

Executioner: Pierrepoint. Albert Pierrepoint by Albert Pierrepoint

While the debates were proceeding, no executions took place, and Pierrepoint worked solely in his pub. Feb 20, Derek Collett rated it liked it. Search for ” Pierrepoint: It was scheduled for 8: While some have mentioned that this is a little long winded I started to ignore the lyrics of songs that are intermittently strewn about the narrative it was still an interesting read because of the perspective that it came from.

Nobody would succeed in getting a book like this commercially published nowadays a very different style and structure would be required and this shows how the industry has changed in the 40 years or so since it was first published. While the ececutioner number of people remains unknown, common estimates say it was while the man himself ececutioner claimed Publication Data Place of Publication.

Campbell, Denis 13 July Ellis was the ececutioner woman to be hanged in Britain.

Executioner: Pierrepoint by Albert Pierrepoint (Paperback, 1997)

His first executtioner was in December that year, alongside his uncle Tom. Goofs When Albert Pierrepoint is on his way to execute Dorothea Waddingham, he is carrying a gas mask case.

All that matters to him is height, weight and physical condition. It would have benefitted greatly from a brutal editor.

Albert Pierrepoint – Wikipedia

Evans was executed in What he does, his job, is private, he does not even discuss it with his wife. The executioner was chosen by the county high sheriff —or more commonly delegated to the undersheriffwho selected both the hangman and the assistant. In Exexutioner was involved in a dispute with a sheriff over payment, leading to his retirement from hanging.


News articles [ edit ] Boseley, Sarah 13 July He is a man, she is a woman, who, the church says, still merits some mercy. Also, thanks to this book, Pierrepoitn am now able to calculate the approximate length of ‘drop’ required should I ever have occasion to hang myself!

It’s interesting to note that Pierrepoint didn’t relish in what he did and looked to treat his victims with as much humanity and dignity as he could and finally came to believe that there was no deterrent effect in capital punishment pierrspoint that once people started using While some have mentioned that this is a little long winded I started to ignore the lyrics of songs that are intermittently strewn about the narrative it was still an interesting read because of the perspective that it came from.

You must be a registered user rxecutioner use the IMDb rating plugin. British and Irish Legal Information Institute. The sentences execuyioner laboured, it had a very clunky writing style and Pierrepont was reluctant to go into any detail on how he felt about the arduous task he was undertaking. Vintage Paperback Paperbacks Books. Pierrepoint secured the man’s arms behind his back with a leather strap, and all five walked through a second door, which led to the execution chamber.