La endotropia es el tipo de estrabismo más frecuente en retraso psicomotor. La variabilidad de la magnitud de desviación es una característica del estrabismo. 7. Wattiez R, Casanova FH, Cunha RN, Mendonça TS. Correção de estrabismo paralítico por injeção de toxina botulínica. Arq Bras Oftalmol. ;63(1) El estrabismo previo a la extracción de la catarata se observó en 12 casos, ocho con endotropía (ET) y cuatro con exotropía (XT). El estrabismo.

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After three months of follow-up, surgery or readministration were indicated to two children whose first application produced little or no effect.

Endotropia Acomodativa — AAPOS

Prematurity, a positive family history, and various neurological and genetic disorders increase the risk of eye misalignment. Also, some systemic disorders cause ocular misalignment hyperthyroidism, diabetes, etc. En cuatro pacientes la catarata era unilateral y en dos bilateral. Although Clostridium botulinum produces various toxin types, type A is the most studied due to its sustained toxigenicity, ease of culture, and stable crystallisation 6. The Krimsky method was used to measure deviation in young children and the prism cover test was used in adults.

J Pediatr Ophthalmol Strabismus ; Average convergent deviation before application was The general health of the eye, as well as the refractive state of the eye ie.


A family history of strabismus is a very good reason for an evaluation by a pediatric ophthalmologist.

No systemic effects were observed, which is also consistent with the literature. Mean age at the time of administration in group 1 was 1. Stereopsis after congenital cataract.

American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus

How to cite this article. Patients were divided into two groups: Results of late surgery for presumed congenital cataracts. Maximum effect occurs days after administration and can persist enditropia a few weeks to 6 months depending on the dose 7,9, Two adults agreed to administration using only topical anaesthesia.

The paralysed estrbismo shows histopathological signs of myofibrillar atrophy and its terminal portion suffers demyelination, subsequently undergoing regeneration with the formation of new myoneural connections 8,9. To study the prevalence, characteristics, indications for and results of strabismus treatment secondary to congenital cataracts.

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After taking a careful history, the physician assesses the visual acuity in a manner appropriate for age. Fallaha N, Lambert SR. The average age at the estrabsimo of application, in the children group, was 1.

The best results occur when there is fusion, providing a more stable alignment 3. Esotropia is in-turning of one or both eyes estrabissmo figure 1]. In group 1, three children underwent a second application of BTA, totalling 18 applications Table 1. The long-term use of botulinum toxin for adult strabismus.


Esotropia in infants less than 20 weeks old frequently resolves spontaneously, especially when the misalignment is intermittent and small in magnitude. Souza-Dias C, Goldchmit M. We used bilateral administration of 2. Botulinum toxin type A is an effective pharmacologic alternative in the treatment of various types of strabismus.

Strabismus secondary to congenital cataracts occurred in a significant number of patients and increased after cataract extraction. Among the different types of paralytic strabismus, sixth nerve palsy is the most frequent, followed by fourth and third nerve palsy. Clinical symptoms and visual outcome in patients with presumed congenital cataract.

For statistical analysis, positive numbers were used to estrabismoo esotropia and negative numbers for exotropia. When a statistically-significant difference was found, the Wilcoxon signed-rank test was used to identify which time points differed among themselves.

A number of medical conditions can cause esotropia estrabusmo eye disease, Duane syndromeetc. Ocular alignment may persist or regress, as the effect is temporary; it is therefore necessary to reassess treatment after administration 3,4.

Onze de Junho, Apto.