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Upstream technology – onshore. Ways in which the onshore petroleum industry can meet the challenges of technological development in the new century to allow the industry to operate in a sustainable fashion were discussed. Advances in the areas of emissions control, environment protection, production, process automation and in situ heavy oil production have been mentioned as the most important guarantors of sustainable development.

Ongoing work to combat emissions includes: From the vantage point of improving environmental performance, efforts to minimize surface disturbance, to treat drilling wastes, and to remediate sites with native plants have shown good results. Technology developments in production include: The most significant advances in automation are the increased use of SCADA monitoring systems and pump off controllers.

Cooperative research in numerical simulations, tomographic imaging, carbon dioxide, solvent and steam experiments and methane injection work have been cited as the most promising among the collaborative projects promoted by the Canadian Oilsands Network for Research and Development CONRAD. Major hazards onshore and offshore. This symposium continues the tradition of bringing together papers on a topic of current interest and importance in terms of process safety – in this case, Major Hazards Onshore and Offshore.

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Lord Cullen in his report on the Piper Alpha disaster has, in effect, suggested that the experience gained in the control of major hazards onshore during the s should be applied to improve safety offshore during the s.

This major three-day symposium reviews what has been learned so far with regard to major hazards maartha considers its present and future applications both onshore and offshore.

The topics covered in the programme are wide ranging and deal with all aspects of legislation, the application of regulations, techniques for evaluating hazards and prescribing safety measures in design, construction and operation, the importance of the human factors, and recent technical developments in protective measures, relief venting and predicting the consequences of fires and explosions. Algeria schedules onshore licensing round.

This paper reports that Algeria’s Sonatrach will conduct its first international onshore exploration licensing round in a move designed to triple drilling activity in the country. A second round will follow next April. To this end foreign operators are being courted in an open exploration bidding round. Esitosa for bid submittal in Nov. Companies may enter singly or in groups to form partnerships with Sonatrach.

La sal en el queso: Directory of Open Access Entrevissta Sweden. Time-dependent onshore tsunami response. While bulk measures of the onshore impact of a tsunami, including the maximum run-up elevation and inundation distance, are important for hazard planning, the temporal evolution of the onshore flow dynamics likely controls the extent of the onshore destruction and the erosion and deposition of sediment that occurs.

However, the time-varying dynamics of actual tsunamis are even more difficult to measure in situ than the bulk parameters. Here, a numerical model based on the non-linear shallow water equations is used to examine the effects variations alles the wave characteristics, bed slope, and bottom roughness have on the temporal evolution of the onshore flow.

Model results indicate that the onshore flow dynamics vary significantly over the parameter space examined. For example, the flow dynamics over steep, smooth morphologies tend to be temporally symmetric, with similar magnitude velocities generated during the run-up and run-down phases of inundation. Conversely, on shallow, rough onshore topographies the flow dynamics tend to be temporally skewed toward the run-down phase of inundation, with the magnitude of the flow velocities during run-up and run-down being significantly different.

Furthermore, for near-breaking tsunami waves inundating over steep topography, the flow velocity tends to accelerate almost instantaneously to a maximum and then decrease monotonically. Conversely, when very long waves inundate over shallow topography, the flow accelerates more slowly and can remain steady for a period of time before beginning to decelerate.


These results indicate that a single set of assumptions concerning the onshore flow dynamics cannot be applied to all tsunamis, and site specific analyses may be required. The onshore influence of offshore fresh groundwater. Freshwater contained within the submarine extensions of coastal aquifers is increasingly proposed as a freshwater source for coastal communities.

However, the extent to which offshore freshwater supports onshore pumping is currently unknown on a global marths. This study provides the first attempt to examine the likely prevalence of situations where offshore freshwater influences onshore salinities, considering various sites from around the world.

The groundwater conditions in twenty-seven confined and semi-confined coastal aquifers with plausible connections to inferred or observed offshore freshwater are explored.

The investigation uses available onshore salinities and groundwater levels, and offshore salinity knowledge, in combination with analytical modelling, to develop simplified conceptual models of the study sites. Seven different conceptual models entreivsta proposed based on the freshwater-saltwater extent and insights gained from analytical modelling.

We consider both present-day and pre-development conditions in assessing potential modern contributions to offshore fresh groundwater. Conceptual models also include interpretations of whether offshore freshwater is a significant factor influencing onshore salinities and well pumping sustainability.

The results indicate that onshore eitosa levels have declined between pre-development and present-day conditions in fourteen of the fifteen regions for which pre-development data are available. Estimates of the associated steady-state freshwater extents show the potential for considerable offshore fresh groundwater losses accompanying these declines.

Both present-day and pre-development heads are insufficient to account for the observed offshore freshwater in all cases where adequate data exist.

Present-day heads indicate that active seawater intrusion SWI will eventually impact onshore pumping. We present formal models and results of formal analysis of two different asynchronous systems. We first examine a mid-value select module that merges the signals coming from three different sensors that are entrrevista asynchronously sampling the same input signal. We then consider the phase locking protocol proposed by Daly, Hopkins, and McKenna. This protocol is designed to keep a set of non-faulty asynchronous clocks phase locked even in the presence of Byzantine-faulty clocks on the network.

An investigation into onshore captive insurance companies. Full Text Available Insurance provided by captive insurers is one of various forms of risk financing.

Onshore and offshore geologic map of the Coal Oil Point area, southern California.

Geologic maps that span the shoreline and include both onshore and offshore areas are potentially valuable tools that can lead to a more in depth understanding of coastal environments. Such maps can contribute to the understanding of shoreline change, geologic hazards, both offshore and along-shore sediment and pollutant transport. They are also useful in assessing geologic and biologic resources. A cooperative project between Federal and State agencies and universities has produced an onshore netrevista geologic map at 1: As part of the project, the U.

Geological Survey USGS and the California Geological Survey CGS hosted a workshop May 2nd and 3rd, for producers and users of coastal map products see list of participants to develop a consensus on the content and format of onshore -offshore geologic maps and accompanying GIS files so that they have relevance for coastal-zone management.

The USGS and CGS are working to develop coastal maps that combine geospatial information from offshore and onshore and serve as an important tool for addressing a broad range of coastal-zone management issues.

The workshop was divided into sessions for presentations and discussion of bathymetry and topography, geology, and habitat products and needs of end users. During the workshop, participants reviewed existing maps and discussed their merits and shortcomings. This akles addresses a number marhta items discussed in the workshop and details the onshore and offshore geologic map of the Coal Oil. Landscape externalities from onshore wind power. The expansion of renewable energy is a central element of the German Federal Government’s climate and energy policy.

Wind power has been selected to be a major contributor to this change.

Entrevista Exitosa : Martha Alicia Alles :

Replacing old wind turbines by modern ones and building new turbines on land will be crucial in meeting this target. However, the allee of onshore wind power is not universally accepted. In several regions of Germany residents are protesting against setting up new exiitosa turbines. To determine the negative effects two choice experiments were applied in Westsachsen and Nordhessen, Germany.


In both regions the externalities of wind power generation until based on today’s state of technology were measured. The results show that negative landscape externalities would result from expanding wind power generation. Using latent class models entgevista different groups of respondents experiencing different degrees of externalities were identified.

Full Text Available Cost estimating relationships CERs are very important tools in the planning phases of an upstream project. CERs are, in general, multiple regression models developed to estimate the cost of a particular item or scope of a project.

They are based in historical data that should wxitosa through a normalization process before fitting a model. In the early phases they are the primary tool for cost estimating. In later phases they are usually used as an estimation validation tool and sometimes for benchmarking purposes. As in any other modeling methodology there are number of important steps to build a model. In this paper the process of building a CER to estimate drilling cost of onshore wells will be addressed.

Santa and the Moon. This article reflects on the use of illustrations of the Moon in images of Santa Claus, on Christmas gift-wrapping paper and in children’s books, in two wlles which have been important in shaping the image of Santa Claus and his predecessor Sinterklaas: Kappa-opioid receptor KOPr agonists have pre-clinical anti-cocaine and analgesic effects.

However, side effects including sedation, dysphoria, aversion, anxiety and depression limit their therapeutic development. The unique structure of salvinorin A has been used to develop longer acting KOPr agonists.

Anti-cocaine properties of EOM Sal B were evaluated using the reinstatement model of drug seeking in self-administering rats. EOM Sal B 0. EOM Sal B showed no effects on sucrose self-administration 0. The infrared emtrevista of these two complexes are recorded and assigned. The proper management of environmental risk is a key requirement of StatoilHydro’s governing documents and is a key consideration in all phases of StatoilHydro’s activities. In order to help manage risks in an effective and sustainable manner, StatoilHydro has led the development of the environmental impact factor EIF risk assessment tool.

The EIF is utilized by all operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf for reporting continuous improvements in produced water management to the authorities. The EIF concept has also been applied to evaluate environmental risk from air emissions, offshore oil spills and drilling discharges, discharges from onshore facilities to sea and discharges and spills from onshore installations. In order to identify the remaining hypothetical risk from a new facility, optimized with respect to environmental protection, this paper presented a case study, where the tool was applied to an oil sands steam assisted gravity drainage facility in Alberta.

The paper discussed the EIF model and results of the case study. It was concluded that as a result of the use of generic principles for environmental risk assessment, combined with databases with parameter information ezitosa common soil and aquifer types, the EIF tool could be applied to any site ranging from wetlands to deserts. Stakeholder perceptions of decision-making process on marine biodiversity entrevisha on xeitosa island Sxitosa Verde.

Full Text Available In the Sal Island Cape Verde there is a growing involvement, will and investment in the creation of tourism synergies. However, much of the economic potential of the island netrevista be found submerged in the sea: Due to this fact, and in order to balance environmental safety and human pressure, it has been developed a strategy addressing entreviata diving and fishing martna.

That strategy includes the deployment of several artificial reefs ARs around the island.