It is now possible to JOIN a group and have network wide conferencing to thatgroup. DXSpider does not (and probably will not) implement the AK1A conference. The DXSpider User Manual v Ian Maude, G0VGS, ([email protected]). June revision 1. A complete reference for users of the DXSpider DXCluster . Next Previous Contents. 8. Web based statistics. From version , you can use the freeware software MRTG to produce really nice graphical statistics on your.

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Getting further support — The mailing list You can get further support by joining the mailing list where someone will always try to answer your queries. I have one set frequently: You can also use converse mode, where several stations can talk to each other in the same way. Youcan therefore make spider special commands available as a database. You can get rid dxspkder any message to or originating from your callsign using this command.

The formats are deliberately different so you can tell one sort from the other.

A standard feature which is enabled in version 1. For now we are going to use spots for the examples, but you can applythe principles to all types of filter. This is to provide some measure of security.

This command allow you to estimate the likelihood of you contacting a station with the prefix you have specified. Export the users database to a file in ascii format.


The DXSpider User Manual v The DXSpider Command Reference

For example if I have a one line accept filter: The default is You can use 4 or 6 character locators. This uses the subject field, so any messages that have exactly thesame subject will be deleted. This routine is reasonably accurate for the purposes here, with a claimed RMS error of 3. If you use OR – usebrackets.

You can have more than one command on the line, to do this you MUSTenclose each command in double quotes ” eg: To finish inputting type: The result dxspicer the most likely operating frequencies and signal levels for high frequency shortwave radio propagation paths on specified days of the year and hours of the day.

This command will set your user prompt to the string that you say.

Telnet Access to DX Clusters and Reverse Beacon Network (RBN)

It is possible to supply a node or part of a prefix and you will get a list of the users for that node or list of nodes starting with that prefix. You can use any number of brackets to make the ‘expression’ as you want it.

If it is being used inthe SYSOP command context then you are offered 5 random numbers and youhave to supply the corresponding letters. This could be a LOT of information though, soit is not recommended on slow links. DXSpider does not and probably will not implement the AK1A conference mode as this seems very limiting, is hardly used and doesn’t seemto work too well anyway.


The indexes start fromzero.

It was designed to be totally compatible with the AK1A program, although several commands have been extended to improve functionality. Youwill need to do this if you change this file whilst the cluster isrunning in order for the changes to take effect. You can add some remarks to the end of the command and they will be added to the spot.

This is a multipurpose command that allows you either to dxzpider the distance and bearing between two locators or if only one locator is given on the command line the distance and beraing from your station to the locator.

You may or may not see the data echoed on the screenas you type, depending on the type of telnet client you have. Weather messages can sometimes be useful if you are experiencing an extremethat may indicate enhanced conditions.

Alter message parameters like To, From, Subject, whether private or mznual return receipt RR is required or whether to keep this message from timingout. The password for a user can only be set by a full sysop. There is no warning, no comeback, no safety net. Gives you an estimate of the long path propagation characterics.