I have now been looking for about two weeks for a set of plans for one of these. I won’t be carving mando tops or backs, just making some quite. Homemade router-powered duplicarver constructed from wood and steel. Our Model T Dupli-Carver® is designed to fill the needs of a hobbyist or craftsman with the same accuracy and versatility of our professional models.

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Posted April 10, Duplicarvers naturally take up a lot of space,but the feature I spoke of dupilcarver add nothing to the size of the tool. In that case does anyone have the boughten plans they would send me? It would be nice if someone had a copy of the instructions manual.

Bedposts duplicwrver tall slender statuary can also be carved. It’s in PDF format and free it’s in the archive library. When carving very thin stock such as the fore-arm of a long rifle, these braces are needed to keep the wood from flexing or chattering.

Carving machines were first developed in the late s to free the skilled carvers from the repetition of duplicating original works in furniture, moldings, and door panels. Posted April 1, Also, instead of couterweights, I’d probably use some multiple rate springs to compensate for the weight of the router.

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F DupliCarver | Terrco inc

Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Some parts are still available for repairs. There are tons of these things out there, some of them incredibly simple.


He has virtually shown enough to build it yourself without the plans for free as it is I haven’t been here for a while, but have received the daily newsletters and read them.

You can achieve a very desirable response from the machine, in terms of duplicarveer of use, if you use variable rate springs.

Homemade Duplicarver

And at two grand, you’d have to make a lot of things, and sell them, to get your money back. An intricate chess set needs only 6 originals to carve a 32 piece set. I won’t be carving mando tops or backs, just making some quite odd parts for the Kay Kraft guitars that I am obsessing about these days. As for a weight under the table, there’s really no point. Posted April 5, Does anyone use this thing for necks yet? Small scale Duplicarver plans Kerry, try: The one on the left is a Sears Recreator and the other is a small home made one that uses drawer slides and holds a Dremel.

For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. So in the half a week since this thread was started you could have bought the plans and built your duplicarver already. Another advantage of springs over weights is that you can more easily tilt the table on an angle to conserve space without hindering usability.

Carving Duplicator | Woodsmith Plans | Router in | Pinterest | Woodworking, Carving and Wood

Thanks for your pics Thistle. Options Quote message in reply? Planss Fa Spindle Carving attachment allows you to carve gun stocks and table legs up to 8″ diameter x 60″ long. I get such value from this site that I donated, but it wasn’t for the plans All times are GMT The truth is, if you’re trying to save some space, counterballancing the router with some springs and tilting the whole table on a 45 degree angle will halve the floorspace it takes up.


Drawer fronts can be duplicated exactly from one piece dhplicarver another.

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Not to mention, springs are way more compact and lightweight than weights on levers. I’ll try it again. So no one has the duplicaver plans? Thats my main reason for building one is neck duplicating.

And sticklers for duplicarevr

Some parts are still available for repairs. In order to search the archives you have to be a member it is free.

Woodworking Classifieds The Bargain Bin. I doubt seriously you’re going to find drawings, let alone plans, of one, after all, they are made to sell.

If you are looking for a duplicator for a small investment, the T is the machine for you. The T is a lighter machine and is used on a table, bench or plns, and requires a work area of only 2′ by 4′.