Casebook of the Black Widowers has ratings and 28 reviews. Bev said: Isaac Asimov, prolific science fiction author, also turned his hand to mysteries. Tales of the Black Widowers has ratings and reviews. Ahmad said: Tales of the Black Widowers (The Black Widowers #1), Isaac AsimovTales of the.. . The Return of the Black Widowers has ratings and 41 reviews. Sarah said: I’ ve loved the Black Widowers mysteries ever since I found an old copy at my.

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I smiled often while reading this, and was sad when it was over. The Black Widowers 6 books. And I was really moved ‘The Last Story. There’s one, for instance that makes a big deal out of one of the characters believing himself to be Batman, but this turns out to have next to no bearing on the story or mystery involved. I was proud of myself for figuring out at least one of the mysteries well ahead of the big reveal.

If anyone is expecting something like Asimov’s usual masterpieces, they’re going to be sorely disappointed. As boring as cold shit, as boring as watching paint dry, as boring as a six-hour lecture by Isaac Asimov entitled ”Why I Am Blak Great” followed by a two-hour session in which Dr A shares some his excruciatingly bad jokes for a new collection of ‘humour’ and if you don’t laugh, you get dragged outside and shot.

Asimov is widely considered a master of the science-fiction genre and, along with Robert A. Apr 26, Parul rated it it was amazing. Retrieved from ” https: For anyone who is keeping score, I think blck volume is slightly better than the previous one. He was fortunately unharmed by the counterfeiters but is now unfortunately haunted by the question: Asimov knew he was writing stories away from the expectations of the day and he didn’t care.


Tales of the Black Widowers – Wikipedia

A fun little bundle of mysteries. Shelve The Return of the Black Widowers. I’ve always found this relationship bothersome and this book just made it more irritating.

I like the Family man. They are somewhat dated, but clever in their way.

Casebook of the Black Widowers by Isaac Asimov

There’s no real resolution. This is a mishmosh of stories previously published elsewhere but not ever collected together. Asimov’s Black Widower stories are all, essentially, the same — they adhere to a rigid structure; So when the memory of this story came back to me so clearly — I could remember nearly every detail — I wondered: Loosely inspired by the Trap Door Spiders, a real life dinner group to which Asimov belonged, the stories featured six regular dinner asmov who would take turns inviting a guest to their monthly get-togethers.

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There isn’t widoqers characterization here other than in the broadest terms – the puzzle really is the story and everything else is window dressing. The Missing Item 6.

He has works published in nine of the ten major categories of the Dewey Decimal System lacking only an entry in the s category of Philosophy.

Shelve Puzzles of the Black Widowers. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Se si fosse trattato di un unico giallo non so se sarebbe riuscito a tenermi incollata alle pagine ma trattandosi di tanti piccoli racconti si sono comunque rivelati interessanti, piacevoli e freschi. As boring as cold shit, as boring as watching paint dry, as boring as a six-hour lecture by Isaac Asimov entitled ”Why I Am So Great” followed by a two-hour session in which Dr With the greatest respect and admiration for Dr A, I have to say nevertheless that this has to be the most boring thing I have ever read: Trivia About Tales of the Blac Sep 07, Ann rated it really liked it.


Tales of the Black Widowers

The Sports Page 4. I’m not a big fan. And here I come to the end of the series I love. Jun 26, Jared rated it it was amazing Shelves: I can’t wait to find and read the other Black Widowers collections.

They argue with each other, tease each other, provide entertainment for all, and are funny. Eventually, Henry, the preternaturally insightful waiter comes up with an ingenious solution. The characters all stand out. In the modern world of complex conspiracies and deplorable schemes these stories can be seen as antiquated and out classed but to me they are what they are after dinner entertainment.

Views Read Edit View history. They’re fun to read, fast to complete, and in this volume follow consecutively so there’s a continuity within the book. Having been a lifelong fan of Asimov’s science fiction, I can tell you quite honestly that I enjoyed the Black Widowers more than his sf stories.