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The upregulation of genes coding for NADPH oxidase renatp antioxidant enzymes suggests the occurrence of an oxidative burst. Stress resistance and disease resistance in seaweeds: Address correspondence to Fabiano L. To evaluate the transcriptomic profile of L. The number of differentially expressed genes in the seaweed L. Localisation and surface quantification of secondary metabolites in the red alga Delisea pulchra. Support Center Support Center.

Open in a separate window. Genome structure and metabolic features in the red seaweed Chondrus crispus shed light on evolution of the Archaeplastida. By using high-throughput transcriptome sequencing, we verified the transient upregulation, in response to V.

Identification of Arabidopsis ethylene-responsive biologka binding factors with distinct induction kinetics after pathogen infection. Moreover, the upregulation of genes involved in monoterpene biosynthesis was detected in L. Annu Rev Phytopathol MAPK cascades in plant disease resistance signaling.

The transcriptome sequencing of L. The biollogia of L.

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Phylogenetic analysis of epiphytic marine bacteria on hole-rotten diseased sporophytes of Laminaria japonica. The tight association between seaweeds and their bioogia microbes led to the establishment of a holobiont concept that is analogous to that corresponding to the well-described microbe-coral relationship 4.

Traffic of secondary metabolites to cell surface in the red alga Laurencia dendroidea depends on a two-step transport by the perreira. J Exp Bot Braz J Biol Effect of elatol, isolated from red seaweed Laurencia dendroideaon Leishmania amazonensis. These findings may corroborate the occurrence of increased vesicle transport in Laurencia as a response to microbes The coral bleaching Vibrio shiloi Kushmaro et al.


However, the genes involved in this cellular process are still largely unknown.

A recent study demonstrated the occurrence of genes coding for LRR kinases in the brown seaweed Ectocarpus siliculosus that, due to their molecular structure, were considered to represent candidate pathogen receptors Molecular studies in seaweeds have had mixed results regarding the potential costs involved in defense.

Quality control and preprocessing of metagenomic datasets. Both annotated and nonannotated genes are represented. However, potential pathogens were also previously detected on seaweed thalli and include microorganisms capable of degrading cell wall polysaccharides 5— 7.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Transcriptomic analysis of the red seaweed Laurencia dendroidea Florideophyceae, Rhodophyta and its microbiome. Genes involved in PI signaling were also upregulated in L.

Heat shock factor HsfB1 primes gene transcription and systemic acquired resistance in Arabidopsis. Hexaprenyl diphosphate synthase geranylgeranyl-diphosphate specific.

Although a large array of genes responsible for the biosynthesis of terpenes was recently characterized in L. The MAPK cascade transduces extracellular stimuli into intracellular responses during plant defense against pathogens and can induce the expression of defense-related genes through the phosphorylation of transcription factors, such as ERF The functional identifications were manually confirmed.

Our aim was to identify the major transcriptional responses of L. Langmead B, Salzberg SL. Dissection of two distinct defense-related responses to agar oligosaccharides in Gracilaria chilensis Rhodophyta and Gracilaria conferta Rhodophyta.

Role of secondary metabolites as defense chemicals against ice-ice disease bacteria in biofouler at carrageenophyte farms. To identify the transcripts associated with the biosynthesis of terpenoid compounds, we analyzed the transcriptome of L. Vibrio madracius is phylogenetically close to the V.


Zona Bentônica by Francini Martinez on Prezi

The present study provided novel insights into the complexity of seaweed-microbe interactions and the defensive strategies of L. The expression level of several genes drespo in the biosynthesis of terpenes in L.

However, studies dedicated to understanding the molecular components of the immune response in seaweeds are rare and restricted to indirect stimulus. Journal List mSphere v. The antifouling defence mechanisms of marine macroalgae.

Isolated and synergistic effects of chemical and structural defenses of two spec

Essential role of the small GTPase Rac in disease resistance of rice. Plant Cell Physiol Plating the seaweed tissue fenato on thiosulfate-citrate-bile salts-sucrose TCBS media did not result in bacterial growth, suggesting that this reduction was not due to bacterial attachment to L.

H 2 O 2 plays different roles in determining penetration failure in three diverse plant-fungal interactions. Terpenoid compounds are recognized as important secondary metabolites acting to defend Laurencia species against bacterial colonization Another important transcriptional regulatory element upregulated in L.

Front Plant Sci 5: Besides being directly toxic to microbes 17ROS participate in intracellular signaling mechanisms leading to the activation of other defense responses 18such as the expression of genes related to the biosynthesis of secondary metabolites