Alfie’s not really a bad guy. It’s just that he has this overwhelming desire for the ladies. You might say that ‘birds’ are irresistible to him, sort of second nature. Alfie [Bill Naughton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Alfie’s not really a bad guy. It’s just that he has this desire for the ladies. You might. Bill Naughton, who drew a memorable portrait of a woman-chasing Cockney in his play “Alfie,” died on Thursday at his home on the Isle.

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And that’s me saying great things about this author. Even if it’s somewhat hypocritical or tongue in cheek, he’s not without regard for society’s most cherished institution. I don’t mean thieving or anything like that, just the Alfie is a classic unreliable narrator as I learned the term — at school when studying another piece of Northern writing originally designed as drama, Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads.

Was he a moral critique of casual sex among the working classes, or free love in the swinging sixties? Playhouse Creatures April De Angelis. Views Read Edit View history. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Alfie by Bill Naughton

Naughton gives the character an authentic and compelling voice, presents the character in his own words and passes no authorial judgement on him. Men, in case you have some Alfie-isms this will check you and realize the error of your ways and shame you into better. Jun 04, Frederick rated it really liked it Shelves: That this is essentially a novelisation of Bill Naughton’s own stageplay is quite remarkable, thanks to extensive entertaining descriptive passages and adding to the internal conflict within the protagonist that wasn’t found in previous stage or film versions this feels like a wholly new work.


Did you learn anything by the end of it all? I believe that for any self-respecting geezer, he needs three birds on the go at any one time. I should be outraged by Alfie, but I can’t help but grin and shake my head. What a load of sexist shit. For all his womanizing, he is ineffectual.

Alfie: Play : Bill Naughton :

Spontaneously stopping by his ladies’ place, to shower them with compliments and flirtatious gestures, until the next moment the women are begging for a relationship, after he pleasures them alvie things that their husbands are not giving them, and that the other men in town will not take the time of day to do for these women. I can’t recall another book where I played out such a detailed film in my head while reading it.

Ordinarily my feministic bent would despise this story of a male slut who thinks he’s god’s gift to women, but it is so well alfiee and Alfie’s character is so well developed, that I was able to forgive it. Alfie is young, good looking, and goes through women like a box of Kleenex.

He is corrupt, but that is not what makes him different from others. If you ever wanted to know what goes on the mind of a man who treats women badly, just read this.

The best ever novel for men

I was a particular fan note sarcasm of the way he talked about women as ‘its’. The ability to drag one in from the first page is truly a skill in deed. A portrait of an unpleasant man aware of his limitations as narrated by himself; Alfie is wickedly funny, an entertaining observational piece that works as a document of London after the war, delightfully playful when it comes to dialect and slang, filled with misogyny and homophobic opinions that seem hopelessly outdated inand still manages to blend the internal monologue and active deceit of the narrator with great nughton.


This novel inspires romance, makes guys look like pigs, and teaches nauhgton life lessons within the context of the story. However, by the end of the story I cannot imagine anyone thinking of Alfie as a character to aspire to be like. The Zoo Story Edward Albee.

Simple time away from the house turns into alcie hard escape to get out of the house. With four mistakes will be made, and there may be consequences.

Now knowing Alfie he’d still try it and I’d have to go superhero on him freeze him and then shatter him into a thousand pieces. A long time ago I, similarly, walked out for several hours on someone who was having an operation – someone I shouldn’t really have been going out with because I didn’t fancy or respect them enough, though I kept trying to persuade myself to bil, I knew they deserved it.

Where he drew the life of this Alfie character I’ll never know but assume maybe it’s nauvhton few real life guys rolled into one.

I’ve wrestled with giving this any higher score. Thanks for telling hill about the problem. What’s great about thi This book should be required reading for any young woman starting to date. But a man like Alfie is not one to settle down. A quick look into the mail psyche.