This manual contains information relative to the physical, mechanical, and electrical characteristics of the Bendix/ King KY 96A and KY 97A VHF Communication. Find great deals for Aircraft Transceiver Bendix King KY 97a TSO. Shop with confidence on eBay!. MM dwd. RH REVISION HISTORY. MAINTENANCE MANUAL. BENDIX/KING. KY 96A, KY 97A. VHF Communication Transceiver.

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Turn Allen wrench clockwise until. If necessary, straighten the contact terminal while it is held by the crimper.

Avionics List – King KY 96A, KY 97A, KY 92 Transceiver

Bendjx Insert cabl e and parts into connector body. The tag is located oh rear of unit and is supplied with Voltage Changeover Kit. Would have been nice if it just had an old fashioned squelch adjustment knob on the front King shall not be liable for consequential or other damage or expense whatsoever therefore or by reason thereof.

When the ejector is slid into place, the locking key of the contact is raised allowing the contact to be removed by pulling kong on the lead. The KY 97A also incorporates an audio amplifier with three audio inputs, eliminating the need for a seperate audio panel in some cases.

Make a visual inspection of the unit for evidence of damage incurred during shipment. Solder cont act to center conductor. Thread Tools My97a Printable Version.


Bendix King KY97a Squelch – PPRuNe Forums

After being turned on there is a bendiz second delay before t he unit b ecomes functional. Close adherence to these suggestions will assure more satisfactory performance from your equipment. The KY 97A also incorporates an audio amplifier with three audio inputs, eliminating the need for a seperate audio panel in some cases.

The KY96A and KY97A remember displayed frequencies and stored frequencies without batteries or external battery hookup during power shutdown or in the event of a power interruption. Place the conductor tab section of a contact terminal on Anvil B withthe contact portion facing away from the operator.

A low cost COMM has a different appeal to different pilots. I have checked the SWR which is a tad high 1.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Any time t hat the function switch i s in the “ON” or 11 ALT” position the t ransponder bendjx an active pa rt of t he beacon system. Domestic orders placed today will be shipped tomorrow or first next working day by couriers available in Checkout BEX Express or City Express.

BENDIXKing KY 97A Manuals

The rearward mounting holes must be attached to a structual. It’s a community-based project which helps beneix repair bendid. A flashing display will alert the pilot to a microphone that becomes stuck for two minutes. A remote switch may be installed as an additional means of providing the “flip-flop” function. This license is obtained by filing FCC Form The surface directly beneath the antenna should be a nat plane over as large an area as possible.


When both tabs have been folded, firmly press the tabs against the conductor. Looking down, the blade can be seen sliding into the stop. Move the lead to Anvil A. A stuck microphone alert notifies the pilot and stops broadcasting when the transmitter has been continuously activated for more than 35 seconds. P ull kh97a id wires forward and taper toward c enter conductor. You have no obligation to bemdix the product once you know the price.

Aircraft Transceiver Bendix King KY 97a TSO

With the ease and iy97a of a push button you can switch between active and standby frequencies. The antenna should be mounted on klng bottom surface that will be level in normal aircraft flight attitudes.

Crimp again Until the jaws are fully closed or a sufficient crimp is obtained. The selected code should b e in accordance with inst ruct ions for IF R f light or rules applicabl e t o t rans ponde r ut iliz at ion for V F R flight.