U Autek Research QF-1 $ SOLD Audio Filter This Autek Research QF-1 audio filter features: Peak, Notch and Low Pass. Input is via a hard wired ¼. Autek Research, PO Box , Wesley Chapel, FL USA. () RF1 RF ANALYST. The pocket-sized RF1 is designed. Hi, I have for sale one used Autek Research model RF-1 antenna analyser. It works well and is great for analysing antennas in the field.

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In any case, I do not have any precision inductorsso I can’t make rg-1 measurements. Although a piece of consumer goods, this unit has proven to be exceptionally useful and accurate.

I can’t stress this enough.

Autek Research RF Analyst

SWR meters have been around for a long time, but they tended to be meters which we used in the radio shack, excited with transmitter power, often times hundreds of watts. Parts are most accurately tested by connecting directly to the coax connector. At some frequency, this length of coax will be an electrical half wavelength. One indicates the forward power, and other other the reverse. Once you have either 90 or degrees at some frequency, rd-1 can scale the electrical length to the desired frequency.

Autek Research RF-1 RF Analyst

Seeing it requires just the right tilt of the display against the light. Each is several years old, and while I don’t believe that I have ever dropped or abused them, they have been well used.

Batteries seem to last substantially longer in the RF It has always served me well, but it works even better now solving a minor problem I had over the years of every once in a while the unit would get real “touchy”. Then, X is determined by equation 15above. At 1 MHZ and auyek, it is very apparent. This document has been created from materials supplied with purchase. Expensive and usually dead when you pick up the equipment to use it.


Put the unit back together and checked the calibration resistor again – SWR was 1. The unit looked brand new. I liked it size, weight autsk its function. The precision resistors are references tor testing. This also allows calculation of SWR Ref.

Overall, their accuracy appears to be quite good. This unit is several years old. What do we know about that circuit?

This unit has an LCD screen which can produce actual graphs of measured data, such as SWR, impedance, resistance, and reactance. It does what Autek says it will do.

If you do not provide it with sufficient power, the output waveform begins to resemble a square wave, as opposed to a sine wave. This value zutek the difference between the three meters. The short answer is probably no. This must be done carefully, however, since the filter itself wutek act as an impedance transformer. Luck of the draw, some are fb, sum crap.

As the table and graph shows, the two different methods of calculating impedance diverge, especially at the extremes, but, in general they closely agree. Half Wavelength Frequency of Test Cable.

X can often be accurately determined. Flexing the case would change the readings, but never quite correct them.

I assume that there is one or more calibration adjustments for each analyzer, and I have no idea if my units are well-calibrated, or out of calibration. For each analyzer I created a graph comparing it to the computed values, for impedance and SWR.

Ideally, the SWR would be a nearly horizontal line, at the 2.


Given that this is a field unit, that would likely see more physical abuse and temperature fluctuations than a bench tool, the inability to recalibrate fr-1 unit without full disassembly is a serious design flaw. I move the test leads from the analyzer to the bridge before I make its measurements so that autej lead inductance is folded into the scaling factor. Be sure to use a low frequency when measuring resistors to avoid stray capacitance and inductance.

I found that a noise bridge is more accurate, but that it is also much autej difficult to use. These features alone makes it unique at its price. Just remember to connect something to the grounded outside part of the RF-1 coax or the measurement is meaningless. Classifieds Detail

Does anyone out there have a schematic for the thing so I can fix the ones that are broke now that they don’t sell the RF-1 any more? You can obtain better results if you use fresh batteries or an external power supply and short leads. I’ve got four of these things in various state of repair Short leads, better yet, no leads. The only rf1 is that the analyzer then emits a tone which autke in proportion to the SWR. Ignoring transmission line loss for a moment, we know that the SWR measured at the input of the cable should always be 2.

I suspect that many of my unexplained measurement discrepancies were due rf-11 sloppy measurement techniques. This is a slow process due to the operation of the bridge, and the need for additional compensation computations.