The Alchemical Tools By Paul Brook – The Alchemical Tools By Paul Brook PDF download your order is download magic product, send via. magic tricks forum – The Effect The Alchemical Tools is not so much an effect as it is a handbook for magicians and mentalists alike. It not only. Download Paul Brook – Alchemical Tools. Description. Download Paul Brook – Alchemical Tools Free in pdf format. Sponsored Ads. Shop Related Products.

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[PDF] Paul Brook – Alchemical Tools – Free Download PDF

This psychological information is very accessible as well as being easily applicable. What Paul Brook has written is the closest we, as mentalists, will get to that mirror we all require to not only improve our routines, but more importantly, ourselves as individuals in a professional performing context.

It has become mandatory study material within the “schools” associated with Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger and I believe Kenton Knepper as well as my self and several others of note. Learn more – opens in a new window or tab Postage: The meat of the book is a mass of small observations about how people react, how you can influence them to react, and how you can mould what you do around broo things.

Be sure to focus your comments on the product. Other Product from Magic Props. This puts them in aldhemical class all their own, because once the secret is out it can never be put back or forgotten, even if you end up not liking it. But still, this book is challenging me to come up with answers to questions I avoided asking for a long time.

Paul shares six of his most guarded cold reading secrets. For anyone seriously interested in Mentalism, this brilliant tome makes essential reading and explains how you can make your magic transform into bright, shining, golden miracles!


Over 50 Psychological methods are discussed in full detail. This book is genius. On the ESP card a note states, “I am always left with the circle! The Mentalist turns around and faces away from the group. I just recently got this after hearing a lot of things about it. More Wholesale Magic Props Resources wholesale animal channel wholesale vintage brooch gold wholesale christmas medal wholesale fashion clear crystal wholesale work clear crystals Magic Props on Sale discount train magic discount usd dollar discount chinese coin money discount magic rubber bands discount new magic cards Online Shopping Magic Props mentalism tricks online magic trick change online show tools online paper pull online eggs video online Magic Props Suppliers magic gift box supply magic power ball supply cigarette tipping paper supply team magic supply half magic supply Magic Props Coupons designing toys coupons mp3 email coupons magic trick fly coupons toy magic kids coupons email finder coupons Shop By Country train magic Canada usd dollar Australia chinese coin money NZ magic rubber bands UK new magic cards Canada mentalism tricks Australia magic trick change NZ show tools UK.

Each person selects a card leaving the Mentalist with the not chosen card left upon a table. After some mental calculations the Mentalist writes a secret number onto a piece of paper, then folds it up and gives it to the volunteer. Submit a Buying Request Let us help you find what you need. Reviews require prior approval before they will be displayed.

Paul gives his advice on personas, language used, body language, etc. I know for a fact that if, “The Doors of Perception” were performed for me, I would have had no idea of how it had been achieved. The volunteer secretly selects a card and shuffles it into the other cards.

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The numbers are written onto 10 business cards. May 28, I think without doubt this is the most informative book I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I am currently studying: The cards are also reordered based on the information that the volunteer provides. The volunteer then chooses what order the cards are placed in to. They will appear as hyperlinks. Genuinely shuffled by the volunteer. Need to know the ends and outs of being a mentalist? A deck of cards is never touched by the Mentalist.


The great thing is that the information also applies to everyday life as well as magical performances. When reading this book, it is as if Paul is there speaking to you one-on-one, explaining the thinking and reasoning behind everything.

When the volunteer opens up the piece of paper, the number sequence of the cards matches the sequence predicted on the paper.

Add to Watch list. Colin McLeod — December 16, Although the methods are simple, this by no means makes them weak effects, quite the opposite.

DL Magic store takes your complaints and disputes very seriously, and we will take every action within reason to qlchemical your complaint before you post your feedback. Magic-Daniel Inner circle Denmark Posts.

The Alchemical Tools

Help improve your experience on DHgate. The best thing about the book, for me, is that it goes through a pretty massive range of information, mostly from a psychological perspective, and puts it into a very distilled form, clearly presented, so that you can grasp it simply. It has the tools, just go ahead and pick them up! This is a real master class in how to get strong reactions from the people you perform for.

Whilst toops cards are all hidden, the Mentalist turns around and correctly guesses what every person has selected.

They are all well worth reading! Rickinghall, Suffolk, United Kingdom. There are over 50 Psychological Methods that are discussed in full detail, as well as powerful, practical psychological advice garnered from his years as a psychologist included in the first pages.