Mir-at ul-Israr – Urdu translation. Uploaded by. Talib Ghaffari. Anwar Qutb e Madina by Khalil Ahmad Rana. Uploaded by. Tariq Mehmood Tariq. Akhbar Ul. Name: Akhbar ul Akhyar. Name: اخبار الاخیار. Author: Hazrat Alama Shaikh Language: Urdu. Publisher: Akbar book saler. Publish Date: Aug Urdu translation of Akhbar ul-Akhyar by Shaykh Abdul-Haqq Muhaddith Dahlawi.

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Lives (Biographies) of Muslim Saints (awliya)? |

Discussion in ‘ Siyar an-Nubala ‘ started by abu HasanNov 17, Log in or Sign up. Lives Biographies of Muslim Saints awliya? Draft saved Draft deleted. Tabaqat al-Hanbaliyyah by ibn abi ya’ala. Another book which you might like is ‘The Four Imams: Originally written in Arabic the book gives a comprhensive, in-depth analysis of the 4 Sunni madhabs and their founders, giving details of their biography and the methods they used in reaching their legal conclusions.


Some other books which have stories and biographies of saints are: The book contains biographical accounts of about saints of the Subcontinent area. Origianlly written in Farsi but Urdu translations are also available. The akjyar contains biographical accounts of nearly saints of the Subcontinent area.

The book is in Urdu.

Qasas ul Aulia by Mohammad Ashraf Naqshbandi. The book contains biographical accounts of about 40 saints of the Subcontinent area. Written quite recently so also contains accounts of some saints of not too distant past. Tazkira Aulia e Pak o Hind by Dr.

Zahoor ul Hassan Sharib. The book has biographical accounts of 70 saints of the Subcontinent area. Originally written in Urdu by Maulana Faiz Ahmed, pages.

Akhbar ul Akhyar Complete Book in Pdf Free Download

English translation by Dr. Mohammad Fazil Khan, pages.

The book is in Urdu, pages. The one’s I am aware of are: Other such books would be appreciated.


Akhbar-Ul-Akhyar-Fi-Asrar-Ul-Abrar (Persian)

Also can people please list names of awliya who have had biographies written about them in English, Urdu, Wkhbar, Arabic: I have biographies of the following awliya: You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet.

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