DC MMB DIGITAL PROCESSOR. OHPC digital transmission system for high- quality transmission. O New MMB type D/A conversion system ensuring bit. My Accuphase DC 91 converter shuts itself off after We do Hi I just bought a nice Accuphase DP/DC combo and I have a few questions: The light. Accuphase DC & DP for sale. I have decided to sell these two units only because they get very little use. I am the second owner. I would say I have only.

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Bonus Recording of December Sorry, this listing has ended. Coupled with the unmatched physical quality of construction, these units are a joy to use.

Cambridge Audio Edge A integrated amplifier. If you are reading this you know what they are and how good these units are together.

Accuphase DC/DCB

The coax output finished in third place; not surprisingly, the bandwidth-limited TosLink brought up the rear. It sounded as though I had plugged a tubed preamplifier in to the signal chain.

Recording of March Page 1 Page 2 Measurements Specifications. The other serves the spindle drive motor, sled, and the focusing and tracking assemblies.


Life, Love, Songs, and Pianos. Always wanted one but did not want to dish out that kind of cash, but simply as a trophy piece, but that is what my YBA CD1a is these days so pointless considering how far computer audio has come.


I bet everyone with an early-’80s CD player has purchased one of them in the hopes of finally arriving at Sony’s promised land of “perfect sound forever. The signal level is adjusted by a DSP chip with bit output precision. Another design aspect that’s been well attended to is the mechanical coupling between the disc tray and the rotating assembly.

I would say I have only put about 50 to 75 hrs. The disc-drive motor features sapphire bearings and a heavy-duty spindle, which should offer many years of stable drive. Where the River Goes. The coherence of analog sound derives from the fact that the attack and decay portions of each transient are inexorably bound together in time.

The package details are for one box. Their assault on the state of the art can best be described as brute force in nature. Its top-to-bottom voicing was neutral, allowing the recording’s inherent balance to shine through.

No stone is left unturned in Accuphase’s relentless pursuit of perfection. Recording of December It allows volume adjustment from the listening seat using the remote control, and accupphase it possible to drive the processor’s analog output either balanced or unbalanced directly into a power amp.

Recording of June A smart Input Selector allows easy switching between the various inputs while retaining in memory all settings eglevel and phase associated with each input. The Transport has a tiny dent in the right edge of the acucphase plate and a small scratch in the top plate cover.

Accuphase DC91 | Audiophile in | Pinterest | Audiophile, Audio and High end audio

Recording of August Bonus Recording of November Recording of November One supply is dedicated to the digital signal processing, microprocessor, and display circuitry.


Joan Baez In Concert, Part 2. Absolute polarity selection and level control are accomplished in the digital domain. About 4 years ago, the units were updated by Accuphase USA service to replace the problematic blue logo illumination with an Accuphase specified LED based system.

My only previous long-term experience with a “super” transport had been the C. Theoretically, the noise floor, hence the conversion error in an MMB system, decreases by 3dB every time the number of paralleled identical DACs doubles. Sometimes putting in a disc and pressing play is quite relaxing. The conservative 7 rating refers to the DAC unit which is in excellent condition with only tiny nicks that you have to look hard to spot.

The Best Jazz Albums of All digital inputs are designed to handle bit audio data, to allow for future expansion.

The DP’s resolution of low-level detail cc-91 exemplary I’ll have more to say about this laterbut its most endearing attributes by far were its timing precision and resolution of rhythmic nuances. The balanced XLR output was a close second, giving up a touch in the areas of detail resolution and timing precision.