Smith Meter® AccuLoad and AccuLoad III are trademarks of FMC The default or operating values used in this manual and in the program of the AccuLoad III. AccuLoad III High Speed Prover Output · AccuLoad III Vapor Recovery Application Bulletin · AccuLoad IIInet Application Manual · AccuLoad III-S N4 Hardware. The default or operating values used in this manual and in the program of the Smith Table of Contents iii. Volume Accuracy – Preset Amount Type.

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When using Firmware Revision and above, the AccuLoad supports temperature compensated flow additives, mass meter communications, and non-cyclic meter pulse averaging.

If ratio, sequential blending or hybrid is selected, the operator enters the number of products to be associated with acculoaad load arm. Average Meter Factor g Continue Save oii Make sure the wifi unit is connected the following way on the More information. The system display is also selectable for three- or four-arm setups via program mode selection. It describes how to configure the required WiFi and More information. Additivation is adding a product in a very small quantity More information.

Accuload iii manual español – Google Docs

Up to six distinct products may be delivered in a sequential blend. They operate independently and can be configured to close on a Valve Fault, on any alarm, or not at all.

Arduino Acvuload shield And reciever. Energy saving system in. If at any time an alarm occurs while in the Ready State or the Run Mode, the AccuLoad III will attempt to shut down the flow and a message indicating an alarm condition will pop up over the current display.


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When normal conditions are met for starting a transaction pressing the SET key or receiving authorization via communicationsthe Automated Proving Mode will be activated. The dynamic real-time display of the current actual operating conditions of the system provides the operator with valuable system information while the system is operating.

If mwnual flow start is not desired, enter zero. The examples presented in this manual are for clarity and operator convenience.

The card reader interface supports up to cards with firmware and higher. If in remote control acculoae mode, only those recipes allocated will be available for selection.

The ratio product s can be plumbed either upstream or down stream of the sequential product meter. Two-stage valves are not used for ratio blending; only digital or analog valves are acceptable. Additivation is adding a majual in a very small quantity.

The operator must next select the meter factor and associated flow rate for proving.

When the operator enters the preset, the AccuLoad III automatically calculates the actual volumes of each product to be delivered. Volumetric correction is calculated directly from published API equations providing precise volumetric measurement results. LXI features, More information. The life of the battery used for the backup RAM can vary due to operational conditions, particularly the amount of. In any case, transaction records should be downloaded for iji purposes if required by local agencies as.

The acculload is as follows for manual selection of additives: Functions such as first high flow rate, second high flow rate, low flow start, and first and second trip points are automatically controlled and monitored per their program nanual. The average meter factor will be displayed. The top line alternates between the recipe name and the preset amount.

Optimum measurement accuracy is attained through continuous linearization of the meter factor with changes in flow rates. For ratio blending with one product per meter, a maximum of six components may be blended together.


The remaining items are optional. The card reader interface is activated by choosing the card reader option in the serial communications function program code. Other significant features are as follows: Flow rates are adjusted for optimal blend accuracy while conforming to the programmed system flow profile using Smith s exclusive control algorithm.

You can access these features by selecting the items under. The Operations section describes the daily operation of the AccuLoad III and explains what is required of an operator to effectively load the product. For purposes of determining valid arm combinations, a side-stream blending arm can be considered a two-product ratio blending arm, as both require the same resources.

CSV file and imported into an Excel. When using Firmware Revision and above, the AccuLoad supports the use of a captive card reader, flow controlled additive pulse input security, general pulse analog inputs, and remote injector input for proving metered injectors. UL Listed and Classified. An Add-Pak system incorporates up to ten metered injectors along with digital outputs to energize additive pumps and injector solenoids.

When the batch has completed, the AccuLoad will prompt for the actual acccuload volume. It is suggested the backup battery be replaced approximately every. This manual is divided into eight sections: System Program Code determines the period during which the AccuLoad remains in a full screen format.

Two programmable alarm contacts are available. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.